Aquaporin – disruptive treatment biotech

I have to confess I am a little behind the eight-ball on this one, as the potential of aquaporins has already been extensively covered in Global Water Intelligence, but aquaporin based membranes certainly look to have the potential to be a truely disruptive treatment technology.

Put simply, aquaporins are proteins that occur in cells and regulate the passage of water. Rather than being osmosis powered, aquaporins recognise H2O by its electrostatic potential, and water molecules pass in single-file through protein tubes.

According to Danfoss, one of the two Danish firms attempting to take Aquaporin based technologies to market, Aquaporin membranes will use 70% less energy, and be 5 times more efficient than RO.

Looks like a truely disruptive biomimetic technology, which is remarkably close to market.