Career Equity

I have mentioned the idea of career equity previously, but I think that it justifies its own post. Career Equity is what you build up as you consistently add value as a professional. Just like a corporation, the value of your equity will fluctuate depending on how the market percieves the amount of value you can produce as a worker.

To carry on the analogy, your salary is your operational revenue, but like a company you also have to keep an eye on your balance sheet.

The career equity equation has a number of inputs.

  1. Acheivements: If you are a person who gets things done, and has a demonstrated history of success, then you will be in demand. Make sure that you never leave a role in an organisation without being able to point to some clear acheivements
  2. Education and Skills: It doesn’t have to be formal education, but in almost every professional field things change quickly. You have to keep on learning to stay ahead of the curve
  3. Keep your word: In my previous post I wrote about the social contract you enter into when you take on a new role. Make sure you complete your “contracts” so when people are thinking about hiring you they will be in no doubt that you will do what you are promising to do. The risk of hiring you will be reduced.