a guest post on career management

Today we have a guest post from Lim Hodgson. Lim was a careers manager for many years at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, Australia. Here are her ideas on career management, derived from her time advising university students.

Career Management is really a planning process. Planning a career can be an exciting journey of exploration and self discovery which involves learning about your talents and skills and exploring the resources and career opportunities that are available. You develop your ideas about your career, make decisions, set goals and take action to achieve them.

It’s not a “one off” activity, but something that you engage in at different stages of your life as your circumstances change and you look for different directions and opportunities.

There are four inter-related phases to career management; these are:

Self Awareness and Assessment – recognising personal skills, abilities, values and experiences which impact on career choice

Awareness – being aware of the job market, opportunities, possibilities and the world of work in general

Decision Making – setting goals and making decisions based on your understanding of both yourself and potential opportunities

Transition Making – acting on your decisions and developing skills such as networking, preparing job applications and job interview skills which will help you achieve your goals

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