Blended Life

I am very interested to hear what people think of the idea of a “blended life”…the idea of seamlessly blending your work and non-work existence. I suspect it is a life that many young professionals (including me) are living, but is it sustainable/a good thing?
(a post by Ryan Healy on Penelope Trunk’s blog)

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2 thoughts on “Blended Life

  1. The key issue with work/life balance is not the balance between your work and leisure time, but the balance between work and the other things or people important to you. Perhaps your loved ones want you to be 100% with them some of the time.

  2. The main thing is that you really enjoy your work so that it does not leave your interests and potential unrealized. Plus, very important is that your friends and/or family work with you. Plus a maximally liquid working schedule.

    The answer is own business

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